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Art and Antiques Auction 17-20 » Asian and Ethnic Art

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Lot Photo Description Sold for Status
345 Image Chinese porcelain plate, Canton, 19th century, diam. 20 cm. €140 Sold
752 Image Chinese porcelain plate, decorated with horseman, 19th/20th century, pseudo-Kangxi marks, min. chips, diam. 20 cm. €190 Sold
753 Image 2 Chinese porcelain bowls, 18th century, diam. 14 cm, chips and hairline cracks, one with firing fault, marked with the artemis leaf (2x) €160 Sold
754 Image Chinese porcelain bowl, 17th/18th century, blue and white decor, h. 7 cm, diam. 11 cm. €140 Sold
762 Image 2 Chinese porcelain famille rose bowls, 18th century, one bowl glued, one bowl with minimal chips, diam. 14 cm (2x) €60 Sold
765 Image 10 Chinese porcelain cups and saucers, fish and crab decor, 19th century, 2 cups damaged, 4 cups with chips and the other cups with fretting, saucers with minimal chips and 1 saucer with small holes (20x) €1.000 Sold
773 Image Chinese porcelain plate, 18th century, famille rose, diam. 36 cm. €550 Sold
774 Image Chinese porcelain plate, 18th century, famille rose, diam. 36 cm. €550 Sold
775 Image Chinese porcelain plate, 18th century, famille rose, diam. 28 cm. €320 Sold
776 Image Chinese porcelain plate, 18th century, famille rose, floral decoration, diam. 32 cm, two hairline cracks €180 Sold
784 Image Chinese porcelain plate, 18th century, Imari, diam. 29 cm. €120 Sold
785 Image Cantonese enameled serving tray, 18th century, damaged, dim. 29 x 19 cm. €320 Sold
786 Image Three Chinese porcelain saucers and two cups, Kangxi, one cup with hairline crack, 2 saucers with minimal fretting, one saucer with hairline crack (5x) €190 Sold
787 Image Two Chinese porcelain dishes, early 20th century, with figurative scene, early 20th century, l. 20.5 and 20 cm, one with hairline crack + Chinese porcelain dish, chips, 20th century, diam. 9 cm (3x) €120 Sold
795 Image Chinese porcelain famille rose plate, for the export market, 18th century, diam. 26 cm, min. chip + Chinese porcelain plate, 18th century, diam. 23 cm, fretting (2x) €120 Sold
796 Image Chinese porcelain Gu vase, 18th/19th century, h. 22 cm. €240 Sold
797 Image Pair of porcelain plates with crest, Samson, Paris, 19th century, diam. 23 cm (2x) €120 Sold
806 Image Five Chinese porcelain bowls, Kangxi, interior decorated with two ladies, diam. 11 cm, all bowls with hairline cracks and fretting and minimal chips (5x) €700 Sold
807 Image Two Chinese porcelain saucers, Encre de Chine, Yongzheng, diam. 12 cm, damaged + Three Chinese porcelain deep plates, Qianlong, diam. 16 cm, fretting (5x) €850 Sold
817 Image Six Chinese porcelain dishes, Kangxi, decorated with floral motifs and utensils, hairline cracks and chips (6x) €110 Sold
828 Image Chinese porcelain hat stand, qianjiang cai, Republican period, hairline cracks underside h. 28 cm. €650 Sold
829 Image Two Chinese porcelain vases, Republican period, 2nd half 20th century, h. 28cm (2x) €220 Sold
830 Image Three Chinese porcelain plates, Wanli, Kraak porcelain, all plates damaged and glued, diam. 21 cm. (3x) €60 Sold
831 Image Chinese porcelain bowl, 19th century, Nanking cargo, diam. 15 cm, Origin: Christie's €180 Sold
833 Image Chinese porcelain lidded vase, first half 20th century, glued knob, hairline cracks bottom €60 Sold
834 Image Six Chinese porcelain saucers, 18th century, 2 with hairline cracks and minimal fretting, diam. 9 cm (6x) €70 Sold
839 Image Chinese porcelain bowl (lid missing), 18th century, handles in the shape of hare's heads, hairline crack, diam. 22.5 cm. €150 Sold
841 Image Four Chinese porcelain saucers with a figurative scene, 18th and 19th century, diam. 10 and 11 cm, 2 saucers with hairline crack and one with minimal hairline crack, others with flakes (4x) €220 Sold
842 Image Four Chinese porcelain saucers, 17th and 18th century, diam. 12 and 13 cm, 1 with hairline tear (4x) €60 Sold
844 Image Chinese bronze incense burner (lid damaged), 19th/20th century, h. 39 cm. €60 Sold
848 Image Chinese porcelain bowl, pseudo-marks on the bottom, inscription on the back, hairline crack, diam. 16.5 cm. €300 Sold
850 Image Kraak porcelain plate, Wanli period, ca. 1600, central decor of a cricket, diam. 21 cm, flakes and hairline crack €280 Sold
852 Image Two Chinese porcelain saucers and cups, 18th century, diam. 11 and 13 cm, 1 saucer with hairline crack (4x) €90 Sold
853 Image Pair of Chinese porcelain saucers, 'Amsterdams bont', rim painted with birds, one saucer with hairline crack, one chip and fretting, diam. 16 cm (2x) €120 Sold
855 Image Two Chinese bronze incense burners, 19th/20th century, h. 26 cm (2x) €90 Sold
863 Image 2 Chinese porcelain cups and 6 Chinese porcelain saucers, 18th century, diam. 10 and 13 cm, 1 saucer decorated with fish and 1 decorated with cranes, flakes (7x) €120 Sold
872 Image Chinese porcelain saucer, milk and blood, 18th century + 2 lids, min. chips + Chinese porcelain famille rose capuchin saucer, 18th century + Cup and 2 saucers, 18th century, chips (7x) €60 Sold
873 Image Chinese porcelain dish, Kangxi period, decorated with fish, diam. 13 cm, fretting + Two Chinese porcelain dishes, decorated with a deer, 18th century, diam. 11 cm, one saucer with hairline cracks and both with fretting + Japanese porcelain cup, 20th century, sligthly damaged + Chinese porcelain cup, decorated with dogs, 18th/19th century, rim chips (6x) €220 Sold
874 Image Three Chinese porcelain saucers, Kangxi, diam. 11.5 and 12 cm, min. fretting (3x) €120 Sold
875 Image Chinese porcelain saucer, famille rose, 18th century, decorated with floral motifs, butterfly and scroll, diam. 14 cm. €80 Sold
885 Image Five books: Chinese Paper-Cuts, L'Art Populaire Chinois, Les Decoupures De Papier, Chinesische Scherenkunst, 1956 and 1957, Portfolios with bone closure, Origin: University of South Africa (5x) €280 Sold
887 Image Two Chinese miniature vases (possibly from a doll's house), 18th/19th century, minimal chip, h. 5cm (2x) €70 Sold
896 Image Three Egyptian faience amulets, Late period: Amulet of Thouéris in its form as hippopotamus + Amulet by Ptah Patèque, nude + Amulet Column of Djed, with certificates from Cybelle, Paris (3x) €300 Sold
898 Image Japanese porcelain incense stick holder, 20th century, marked, Satsuma, minimal chip inside lid, h. 6.5 cm. €60 Sold
899 Image Chinese porcelain plate, 19th century, Canton, hairline crack, diam. 26 cm + Chinese porcelain dish, 19th century, Canton, wear and tear glaze, dim. 26 x 28 cm (2x) €260 Sold
903 Image African terracotta sculpture, Nigeria, in the style of the Nok-culture, the figure is ceated on a cilindrical base, the face is very finely modelled with crescent-shaped eyes, the figure wears bracelets around the ankles and wrists, damage to the base, h. 68 cm + TL-test €110 Sold
961 Image African stone owl sculpture, dim. 17 x 12 cm. €30 Sold
982 Image Lacquered wooden Korean two-door cabinet, 19th century, with copper mounting, dim. 75 x 75 x 73 cm. Sold Sold
983 Image Vintage Japanese traditional wooden with silver-plated shoes, l. 22 cm, traces of use and age, l. 22 cm (2x) €80 Sold
984 Image Elegant pair of jadeite parrots, China, 19th / 20th century, emerald and lavender colored jadeite, on wooden base, h. 21 cm, Origin: Christie's (2x) Sold Sold

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