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Art and Antiques Auction 17-20 » Silver

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43 items were found in this section.

Lot Photo Description Sold for Status
080 Image 12 dinner knives and 12 breakfast knives with silver handles, 830 (ZII hallmark), in original cassette, Provenance: Stichting Bonhomme Tielens (24x) €600 Sold
081 Image Silver-plated bowl on foot, 19th/20th century, dim. 14 x 27 cm, bent €60 Sold
083 Image English silver salt and pepper set, 925, Birmingham, approx. 122 grams, h. 10 cm (2x) €80 Sold
087 Image Glass perfume bottle with silver stopper, h. 8 cm + Glass perfume bottle with gold stopper, dented, h. 10 cm (2x) €60 Sold
088 Image Silver-plated cutlery, Gero, consisting of: 6 dinner knives/forks/spoons, 6 breakfast knives/forks/spoons, 6 fish fork knives, soup spoon, fish slice, meat place setting, 4 serving spoons (various), knife sharpener, 6 knife rests and meat fork €120 Sold
090 Image Dutch silver fish shovel, first amount, with ivory handle, approx. 220 grams, l. 33 cm, Provenance: Stichting Bonhomme Tielens €190 Sold
092 Image Dutch silver asparagus tongs, second amount, approx. 174 grams, Provenance: Bonhomme Tielens Foundation €140 Sold
093 Image Austro-Hungarian silver bowl, 800, 19th century, with floral decoration, dim. 32 x 23 cm, approx. 364 grams €160 Sold
098 Image 6 Dutch silver breakfast spoons and breakfast forks, first amount, 1905, tips forks somewhat wear and tear, approx. 567 grams (12x) €220 Sold
099 Image Two German silver dinner knives, 2 dinner forks, one dinner spoon and 2 coffee spoons, 800, appr. 244 grams (weight without knives) (7x) €80 Sold
100 Image Silver-plated mustard pot, rococo, 18th century, with pewter inner bowl, h. 16 cm, approx. 248 grams, Provenance: Bonhomme Tielens Foundation €280 Sold
101 Image Dutch silver cake slice with bone handle, 19th century + Dutch silver cheese knife with bone handle, second amount, Provenance: Stichting Bonhomme Tielens (2x) €80 Sold
105 Image Dutch silver peppermint box, second amount, square, 19th century, min. dents, appr. 18 grams, dim. 4 x 4 cm. €60 Sold
106 Image Silver-plated cutlery, Gero, Blue Band, consisting of: 12 butter knives, 12 dinner knives, 12 breakfast knives, 12 dinner spoons, 12 breakfast spoons, 12 dinner forks, 12 breakfast forks, 12 cake forks, 12 coffee spoons, 2 sour forks, rice spoon, petitfour scoop, 3 serving spoons, knife sharpener, vegetable spoon and soup spoon, in original box €140 Sold
107 Image Dutch silver soup ladle, Van Kempen, second amount, badly bent, scratchings and dents, appr. 205 grams €70 Sold
111 Image Gilded silver serving spoon, 835, Russia, 1856, l. 24 cm, approx. 160 grams, Origin: Bonhomme Tielens Foundation €100 Sold
112 Image 2 Dutch silver meat forks, second amount with agate handle + Dutch silver ginger place setting, second amount, with agate handle (4x) €80 Sold
113 Image English silver cutlery, 925, Sheffield, ca. 1900, consisting of: 10 breakfast knives and 10 breakfast forks, with mother-of-pearl handle, in original cassette, Provenance: Stichting Bonhomme Tielens (20x) €200 Sold
114 Image Silver bon bon dish, 835, l. 15 cm, appr. 90 grams €60 Sold
115 Image Dutch silver driven brandy bowl, Johannes Feddema Leeuwarden, 1788, decorated with the sacrifice of Isaac, dim. 9 x 26 cm, min. cracks and dents, appr. 182 grams €420 Sold
123 Image Assorted lot of silver, consisting of: 6 Dutch mocha spoons, second amount + 2 French salt spoons + 2 Dutch breakfast knives, second amount + Silver-plated cheese knife + 4 various Dutch coffee spoons + Dutch meat fork, second amount + Dutch cream spoon, second amount + Dutch silver jam spoon, second amount + 2 salt spoons, 835, weight without knives approx. 216 grams, Provenance: Stichting Bonhomme Tielens (20x) €80 Sold
124 Image Dutch silver fish cutlery, second amount, Van Kempen, consisting of: 12 fish knives and 12 fish forks, approx. 1190 grams, in cassette, Provenance: Stichting Bonhomme Tielens (12x) €650 Sold
125 Image Mexican silver dish, 835, border decorated with floral motifs, diam. 30 cm, approx. 614 grams €240 Sold
127 Image Smooth ivory wax stamp with silver mount, initials 'MD' + Round silver box with mother-of-pearl bottom and goldstone lid (damaged) (2x) €60 Sold
133 Image Dutch silver birth spoon, second amount, decorated with stork and the city arms of Amsterdam, l. 33 cm, approx. 168 grams, Provenance: Bonhomme Tielens Foundation €120 Sold
138 Image Oval silver Dutch bonbon basket, second amount, with pearl rim, openwork, 1942, dim. 5.5 x 18 cm, approx. 97 grams €80 Sold
139 Image Two antique Dutch silver grape shears, second amount, 18th/19th century, traces of age, l. 17 cm. (2x) €80 Sold
141 Image Two Dutch silver bonbon dishes, second amount, pearl rim, openwork style, l. 11.5 cm, appr. 92 grams (2x) €80 Sold
144 Image Russian silver bowl, 835, 1846, assay master: Andrey Antonovich Kovalsky (1821-1856), silvermsith mark unreadable, Moscow, ca. 2100 grams, dim. 50 x 34 cm, Provenance: Bonhomme Tielens Foundation €1.000 Sold
145 Image 12 gilt silver coffee spoons, France, approx. 184 grams, Provenance: Stichting Bonhomme Tielens (12x) €120 Sold
147 Image Pair of French silver salt cellars with glass inner tray and spoons, 19th/20th century, approx. 39 grams, in original cassette €60 Sold
148 Image Oval silver Dutch bonbon basket, second amount, with pearl rim, openwork style, 1957, dim. 5 x 16 cm, approx. 81 grams, min. dent €80 Sold
151 Image Silver-plated cutlery, Sola, for 9 people, soup ladle slightly damaged, in case €120 Sold
200 Image French silver coffee pot, milk jug, sugar bowl on tray, appr. 1300 grams (4x) €650 Sold
222 Image Silver-plated cutlery, Sheffield, pearl rim, consisting of: 6 dinner knives/spoons/forks, 6 breakfast spoons/forks, 6 dessert spoons, 2 vegetable spoons, fish serving set, sauce spoon and soup ladle €160 Sold
236 Image Enameled silver perfume bottle with mirror, 835, India, decorated with peacock, h. 9 cm. €80 Sold
246 Image Silver miniature barrel organ on pushcart, ZI remarked, dim. 5 x 9 cm, approx. 100 grams (2x) €70 Sold
247 Image Dutch silver miniature horse carriage, second amount, l. 9 cm, appr. 60 grams €120 Sold
248 Image Four silver miniatures, various amounts of silver and sizes, candlestick bent, appr. 70 grams (4x) €60 Sold
254 Image Dutch silver moccha pot, sugar pot and milk jug, second amount, with pearl rim, with ivory handle, min. dents, appr. 495 grams (3x) €190 Sold
255 Image Silver art nouveau dish with handle, 835, Austria-Hungary, diam. 21 cm, appr. 283 grams €240 Sold
256 Image Two silver eggcups, 800, some damage + Two glass cups on Dutch silver foot, second amount, one is loose (4x) €40 Sold
257 Image Dutch cigar case with Dutch silver relief, first amount, dim. 4 x 18 x 9 cm. €80 Sold

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