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Five tiles: Ornament tile with diagonal ornament, Spanish-Moorish decoration in savings technique, multicolored, Northern Netherlands, 1 side truncated approx. 10 mm, dim. 14 x 13 cm, ca. 1550-1580 + Floor tile with Gothic saying, part of a four with an angled diamond, 'Die toot is cost...soo does well', mud work with lead glaze, 16th century, dim. 14 x 14 cm + Floor tile, brown background with French lily in yellow white, 14th century, dim. 12 x 12 cm, similar tiles have been found in the Dom of Utrecht + Plinth tile, found in Haarlem, 16th century + Ornament tile, cable edge with rosette on whole, multicolour, 16th century, dim. 14 x 13.8cm (5x)


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Kavel 314

Kavel 314 Kavel 314

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