Preview Art and Antiques Auction 22-25 September

Start: 22 september 2017, 9:00

End: 25 september 2017, 21:00

Showing here are some of our items which will be on sale in our upcoming auction. The complete catalogue will be on show one week before the auction opens.

Photo Description
Foto Giorgio Berlini, glass object, signed, h. 30 cm.
Foto Lacquered sirih box, with on the interior a silver sirih set, Shan, East Myanmar, late 19th century, dim. 14 x 15 cm, Provenance: collection van Tienhoven
Foto Exceptional ritual Tibetan priest's outfit. The parure is practically complete and consists of a crown, bone apron, chest ornament, bracelets and anklets. The outfit was probably made between 1850 and 1900. The carving is very fine and contains a lot of detail: the apron is set with seven oblong plaques carved with tantric deities and 2 dorje suspending from a network of single-stranded beads joined by oval- and oblong-shaped plaques at the intersections, all carved with figures (a.o. dakini), auspicious symbols and stylized floral designs. The bottom rung carved with faces (bhairab?). The beautiful priest's crown is decorated with skeletal faces, Provenance: collection van Tienhoven
Foto Chinese porcelain lidded vase, 19th century after Wucai example, Transitional style, h. 44 cm, min. chips
Foto Two ivory Japanese heads, h. 3 cm (2x)
Foto Chinese mirror, set with 19th century jade ruyi plaque on the back and a belt hook as grip, silver (?) mount from the 20th century, l. 25,5 cm.
Foto Northern Netherlands, oil on panel, 17th century, Tobias and the angel, possibly signed b.m. (wear and tear), dim. 59 x 82 cm,, old restorations, paint layer is very thin and shows the drawing underneath
Foto Jan Toorop (1858-1928), mixed media, Narcissus Poeticus, sig. b.r., dim. 27,5 x 25 cm, Provenance: Pan Amsterdam
Foto François Bonvin (1817-1887), oil on canvas (relined), Stillife with fish, sig. b.r., dim. 52 x 61 cm, some restorations
Foto Dick Pieters (1941), oil on panel, Surprised, monogram b.r., dim. 14 x 11 cm.
Foto Beautifully painted cup and saucer, Rozenburg The Hague, perfect condition